Prints and Paper Goods

To purchase ORIGINAL PAINTINGS please contact the corresponding gallery listed with available works. This page contains information and links for reproductions.

Duy Huynh Art Prints – Greeting Cards, Notebook, Limited Editions & Other Reproductions

Notecards, Notebooks & Limited Edition Prints

I choose a select few of my favorite paintings to release as reproductions throughout the year – as small format, signed/numbered limited edition prints, notecards and notebooks. These are sold through my gallery, Lark & Key, in Charlotte NC. Lark & Key currently only ships domestic orders (and occasionally to Canada). Scroll down for more information about cards & prints.

Open Edition & Print On Demand Reproductions

I have also partnered with Image Conscious, a San Francisco based wholesale art publisher, to release licensed reproductions, with a limited number of images available as open edition posters and other print on demand options. These are sold around the world through various custom framers, brick & mortar retailers, and online sites. Please note: Open edition print sizes and options are set by the licensor and resellers – these prints do not pass through my hands and I am unable to sign them. There are only a limited number of images that have been licensed and no new images will be introduced. (scroll down for more information about licensing/purchasing)

Other Products / Copyright Infringement

I, like many artists, have experienced copyright infringement – with images of work stolen and used for commercial products that I have not approved of or profit from (for instance ‘paint by number kits’). It is illegal to copy, sell, publish or publicize an artwork unless you have prior permission and/or have licensed the work directly from me, the copyright owner.

If you do not see a reproduction of a painting you are interested in, that means it has been previously released and sold out, discontinued OR it has not been released. I do not take image release or size requests. Digital prints are not available.

Scroll down below the photos for detailed information. Thank you for your interest in my work. ~ Duy


Limited Edition Prints & Paper Goods

Signed & numbered limited edition prints, notecards, and notebooks are available through my gallery, Lark & Key, located in Charlotte NC.

New limited edition prints are generally introduced once a quarter (although I sometimes skip a quarter). Images are considered for limited edition release only after the original painting has sold. They are only available through Lark & Key and in the sizes shown on their website. Once an edition of prints has sold out, that image will not be printed in the same size/format again – but could possibly be reproduced in a different size/format.

We do occasionally work with businesses to produce prints as corporate gifts, with a minimum print run of 25 (one image). Size options vary. If interested please reach out to Sandy at Lark & Key via the email below.

For release updates please subscribe to my email newsletter here.

Inquiries – Please contact or call 704.334.4616.

Pictured here: Fortuitous Timing © Duy Huynh

Open Edition Reproductions

duy huynh painting - counting on the cosmos

Licensed images only include those shown on the Image Conscious website. Image Conscious is a wholesale art publisher. You can purchase my licensed prints through various sites,  such as  If you do not see an image you’re looking for, it has not been licensed for reproduction and is not available, or has been discontinued. There will not be any additional images licensed for reproduction. Some discontinued product may still be on the market until vendors have sold out.

Contact Image Conscious for wholesale inquiries.

Pictured here: Counting on the Cosmos © Duy Huynh