Duy Huynh Artwork


Duy Huynh is a Charlotte, NC based visual artist and co-owner of Lark & Key gallery with wife Sandy Snead. The Vietnamese born painter creates contemplative, poetic acrylic dreamscapes. His clever and often humorous use of symbolism and wordplay invites the viewer to create their own storyline. As a visual artist, Huynh enjoys taking things too literal, using the language of symbols and metaphors in conjunction with puns and hybrid words to add yet another layer of mystery to his narrative. Images that often reoccur in his  paintings, such as moths/butterflies, boats, trains, musical instruments, flowers, trees, umbrellas, etc. have become a personal vocabulary used in deliberate combinations to hopefully evoke introspection and a sense of wonderment.

At the core of Huynh’s artwork is a search for balance and continuity, usually between two or more mysteries. His characters often float (literally) somewhere between science and spirituality, memory and mythology, structure and spontaneity, ephemeral and eternal, humorous and profound, connectivity and nonattachment. The intent isn’t necessarily to provide enlightenment, but to celebrate the quest itself.

Find Duy Huynh artwork at Lark & Key in Charlotte NC, Blue Spiral 1 in Asheville NC, and Brumfield Gallery in Astoria  OR. Reproductions in the form of limited edition prints, notecards, posters and other print-on-demand options are also available. Visit the shop page for more information.